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Top Fashion of the Year

The notes have been tallied; see this years top Capitol Looks. 

It’s been an incredible year for fashion in the Capitol.  We’ve seen everything from plastic headdresses to tribal-infused futuristic footwear come across our desks, and we’ve picked only the finest examples of ingenuity, glamour, and Capitol spirit to bring to our illustrious pages.  Here, we have collected the most popular looks of the year as judged by you, our dedicated readers, through likes and reblogs.  From  top left clockwise, here are your top picks.

Maiko Takeda’s fantastical plastic porcupine headdresses title our recap, giving the illusion of an aura of defense.  Anouk Wipprecht’s spider dress follows the theme, a technological wonder of sensed proximity and reaction.  Yiquin Yin’s ruched collection of pastel ruffles immediately caught our eye, and Miss Effie Trinket’s as well.  Peter Popps’ fierce pair of metal lace-up Cube foot accessories had us at Lady Gaga- and kept us with the rest of his stellar collection. 

Lucy McRae’s architectural work in a wide myriad of mediums gave our design palette a variety of delicacies to feast our eyes on, while Mao Geping’s ornate creations transported us to a fantasy world of the maquillage.  Argyle Witt’s body-transforming nanobots introduced a new frontier to technological fashion.  The jointed leather work of Una Burke gave us fashionable body armor in the most sleek package, while Maiko Takeda’s plastic porcupine headdresses gave the illusion of an aura of defense.  Becca McCharen’s Chromat line brought fashion freedom in the form of cage-like constructs.  And lastly, Stella Jean’s cultural amalgamations shone through with colorful prints and indomitable spirit.  

We thank all the designers spotlighted this year for their tireless efforts toward fashion in our city and look forward to a whole new set of burgeoning talent in the new year.  Watch this year’s fashion come alive; get your seats today! 

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