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Victors Train for the Quarter Quell

The Capitol cuts the ribbon on the new, improved Training Center.

As the Quarter Quell draws closer and closer, our tribute victors are taking full advantage of their new Training Center.  While the original center played host to some of the finest competitors to ever step into an arena, our Gamemakers felt that the Quarter Quell was just the occasion to unveil the improved, feature-packed facility that will inspire tributes for decades to come.  The new attributes are wide and varied, and include the following:  

Advanced weaponry exhibits the durable properties of District 2’s revolutionary new alloy blend, heavily favored by District 7’s Johanna Mason; private training footage shows her wielding the center’s axes with wicked precision.  The lighter, industrial-strength metal ensures that our tributes train with weapons as similar as possible to those they will encounter in the Games, giving them that additional edge when it’s time to traverse the arena.  

The layout of the center has been expanded and streamlined for the most efficient training processes, now including several new rooms with isolated functions.  Among them, a holographic projection setting simulating opponents of all sizes, each outfitted with different weapons.  The holo-opponents utilize motion-capture movement and simulated terrain, approaching the tribute from all angles.  We hear District 1’s Gloss has been spending a good deal of time in this area.

For the first time, carefully-selected Peacekeepers have been assigned to combat training duties, giving the tributes a live opponent to spar with if they choose.  Heavily armored and highly skilled in hand-to-hand techniques, these law-enforcement professionals bring their personal training and experience to inspire and aid our tributes.   

Given the high-profile status of this year’s tributes, an added layer of protection has been added for our benevolent Gamemakers, coming and going to observe the training process at their leisure.  Details have been highly guarded regarding this implementation, but we can only assume these masters of design have thought of everything necessary for their well-being.  

We wish the tributes a safe and informative training period in their state-of-the-art facility, and remain on the edge of our seats for the much-anticipated Quarter Quell.  As always, may the odds be ever in their favor, and a very happy Hunger Games to you all.        

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