Capitol Couture

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Applaud Your Districts with Color

The Capitol Collection by COVERGIRL brings you patriotic manicures.

by Arabelle Sicardi


District 10

A life among livestock offers rich inspiration in the form of texture and plumage. Opt for a rich nail scheme of nudes and animal prints done in an unexpected way that would have even Effie Trinket stopping to ask for pointers. Apply COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses Toasted Almond underneath a fine layer of cut-to-fit bold feathers to remind everyone of your District’s animal magnetism. Glue on small jewels for colorful accents and to signify prosperity for all of Panem too. “When using hardware like studs or stones, it is best to use a little bit of nail glue to make them stay on longer,” advises Yasuda.


District 5

Go nuclear with your nail art in homage to your District’s precious resource and opt for bold, graphic lines and colors. A color block pattern makes a dramatic first impression—whether you’re tippling Champagne at a pre-Games gala or raising your fist for your Victor. “COVERGIRL Capitol Makeup Artist Dotti used really cool, vivid color for this makeup look and I wanted the nails to compliment the overall beauty look,” says Yasuda of her inspiration. To get the graphic nail, start with your base color and allow to dry, then scotch tape in diagonals and paint your next section of colors and wait for that to dry. Repeat until your nails are as beautiful as the Capitol is all-powerful. (COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses Grapevine, Eternal Oceans, Constant Caribbean, Flamed Out and Sulfur Blaze were used to create this look.)


Disctrict 8

Ombre nails in homage to the luxurious fabrics woven by the textile industry is the natural choice for a loyal citizen.  Orange and red are the colors of adventure and victory, so it’s a win-win combination. “The nail colors that I used for this look contain really fine glitter, so it is easier to create a beautiful ombre effect,” says celebrity make up artist Naomi Yasuda, who suggests that you apply two coats of orange and let dry, and then apply the pink color just on the tip of the nail. Finally, dab red polish between the orange and pink to blend the two colors. (COVERGIRL Capitol Collection Glosstinis in Rouge Red, Inferno and Pyro Pink will achieve this nail look.)


District 6

Vary up the effect on every nail with sleek stripes and alternating shades that signify the motion of trasnportation. To get this look, the Capitol recommends COVERGIRL Capitol Collection Glosstinis in Violet Flicker paired with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Nail Stickers—a majestic purple and gold color scheme to will your tribute to victory. Achieving this artistic end result is possible en route to the Games via train or aboard a famed hovercraft. Simply wait for the polish to dry and plan the line pattern before applying stickers. Then, peel and go.


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