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How To: Three Amazing Braids

Take a cue from Katniss and play with your hair.

by Arabelle Sicardi

Woven Topknot

The Technique: Start with damp, moussed hair. Brush hair from roots up to the desired height, ponytail sections in place using clear elastics and secure each section with bobby pins. Taking your ribbon, secure into base of ponytails with bobby pins. Braid each ponytail down using the three-strand technique. Secure with elastics, then wrap up and around & up and over interchangeably.

The Twist: Up the style ante by weaving in a vintage Hermes scarf or gold lame ribbon.


Punk Plait

The Technique: This braided mohawk is simple to execute. Start with hair blown dry straight. Then, section hair from center of forehead using your nose as a guide. Plait this section into a French braid or cornrow, depending on your expertise. At the nape of the neck, secure with clear elastic. “I wanted the hair to reflect strength with the braid and soft flow with the silky, straight hair,” explains Redken Stylist Jenny Balding of the look she created for the Paolo Hernandez Spring 2014 runway show.

The Twist: Colored hairspray applied with a sponge brush to the braided section will make you look like even more of a rebel.


Boho Braid

The Technique: Start off with your hair set into curls with a 1 ¼-inch barrel iron, part from the top section from ear to ear and set this section aside for later. Use the rest for a loose French braid down the back and secure the ends with clear elastic. Release top section and lightly tease for rough texture. Spray generously with hairspray. Divide the unbraided section into three, twist down each section and bobby pin into the braid, tucking from behind. Twist and tuck remaining loose strands for desired effect, tease for more texture, slightly loosen the braid and spray to finish. “This look is about texture in its perfect place. It shouldn’t be droopy,” says hair stylist Candice Crawford.

The Twist: Crawford advises using colored hair chalk to create an ombre effect on the finished product. Or stud braid with pearl-tipped hairpins for a more District 1 effect.

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