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A Poetic Punk with a Soft Spot for District 12.

District I would come from: “I am sure that fate would have put me in District 12. I was a gangly black sheep, working in a factory and learning scrappy ways of survival.  But I think I would have longed to be in District 4, by the sea working with the fisherman. But though longing for the sea I still think I would be in District 12. Finding ways to trade, to survive, That is the attraction of Katniss. Her resilient spirit, her flexible mind. Her ability to shake off the black dust settling over her people.”

My philosophy on personal style:I like having a uniform—something I am comfortable with onstage as well as on the street. Clothes that are easy to pack and can be hand washed in a hotel sink. I also have multiples of the same look, with slight variations. I like unstructured classic clothing that somehow stays in step with ever-changing fashion. I always wear clothes that feel like myself and quickly discard anything that makes me feel self-conscious.”

Go-to look, from head to toe:I usually wear a black Agnes B. watch cap (I have 3), Ann Demeulemeester black jacket (I have 3) a loose black vest, my Mockingjay pin, an Electric Lady Studios tee shirt (I have six) a worn pair of dungarees and Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots (I have 2 pairs: one gold, one black).”

Prized, sentimental accessory:A long silver chain with an old Ethiopian cross and a talisman from Johnny Depp.”

My sartorial “armor” on a bad day: “My old black unlined Comme de Garcons overcoat.”

Film with great fashion that makes me hit “pause”:Funny Face.”

Growing up, I wore the hell out of:I wear the hell out of everything and always have.”

Sunglasses du jour:Ray-Ban Wayfarers. I’ve been wearing them since 1965.”

Thrift store find that I will never throw away:A pair of 1930’s brown leather Bally lace–up boots.  I found them in 1974. I wore them all the time and still can’t part with them.”

On top of my dresser:A picture of my father, a medicine Buddha, a clay giraffe my daughter made me when she was little, my reading glasses, my favorite pen and notebook.”— Monica Corcoran Harel


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