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Exclusive: Wedding Dress Soars for Katniss

Every woman needs a transforming gown.

by Monica Corcoran Harel

The modern woman has high-tech needs. We juggle roles, shift identities and adapt our style accordingly.  Katniss Everdeen—brave tribute in training, fashion trendsetter, and Victor’s Tour darling—has become the face of the multi-tasking female.


Already, Capitol Couture reported that her wedding dress is a confection of Swarovski crystals and sheared chiffon designed by Tex Sevario. And today, we can reveal that it comes with its own transformative finale. When Katniss spins, the gown morphs into a sensuous, winged creation that, in our mind, symbolizes new heights of glory for the Girl on Fire.


Fashion should be fluid. For fall, Brit-Cypriot designer Hussein Chalayan showed minimalist silk sheaths that converted into gowns. At the Paris show, models pulled a ripcord at the collar and cascading fabric created a whole new formal silhouette. The effect was that of a parachute-in-reverse. And like a parachute, the look rescued a woman from running home to change her day dress into an evening frock. FYI: In addition to an earthquake kit, my car holds a pair of platform heels, a sleek clutch and dramatic chandelier earrings.


For her wedding dress look, Katniss also dons a new, sophisticated take on the utilitarian braid. Her hair stylist entwined two thick tresses to create a double halo of braids that look almost like lace and encircle the nape of her neck.  It’s as chic as a chignon, only cooler and more contemporary—just like the modern woman.

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