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For the Love of Madness

Thom Browne’s runway collection was oh so Capitol

by Monica Corcoran Harel


Thom Browne showed his collection in a padded cell and his models minced down the runway in powdered tumbleweed coifs and smeared red lips. “Utterly insane!” cried the fashion cognoscenti. Critics sought inspirations such as women trapped by clothes and Elizabethan royalty who ran out of lithium.


Meanwhile, here at Capitol Couture, we stood and applauded. Finally, a designer who embraces the outer limits of fashion like we do. After all, what could be more normal than slipping into something truly absurd? And really, what woman doesn’t want to draw her lipstick outside the lines every once in a while?


Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and imagine myself as one of Panem’s glittering skyscrapers—and dress accordingly.  I totter on my eight-inch Lucite heels and refresh my chrome-flecked lip gloss every hour on the hour.  In the Capitol, fashion is a chance to role-play as animals or architecture, to assume grand proportions in outlandish silhouettes and even to express a tendency to unravel.


Browne’s collection brought us latex leggings, origami-inspired bodices, mutton sleeves on steroids and ruffs that would make any clavicle weep with joy.  Some spectators may have seen his hobble skirts as a symbol for oppression. Not me. A pair of shoes or tight skirt that forces you to walk slower also encourages you to take a moment to appreciate your surroundings.  Or to compliment a well dressed citizen, for that matter. Thom Browne? Please come and visit the Capitol. You will feel right at home.

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