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1st Look At Trish Summerville Line

Katniss and Cinna Inspire 16 Looks for Fall.

by Monica Corcoran Harel


For our very first fashion collection, Capitol Couture turned to costume designer Trish Summerville to create a line of ready-to-wear looks inspired by our city’s most stylish notables. The 16 piece capsule—ranging from cocktail dresses to gloves—will be available on in November.

CC’s EIC sat down with Summerville for an exclusive peek at the line:


Tell us about your inspiration for Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville?

“It’s mostly a nod to Katniss, but some of the clean leather pieces are a tribute to Cinna. When I design, I’m really drawn to nature and insects and color vibes that I pull from animals.”


What can we expect in terms of a color palette?

“There is a lot of black, which people can build upon. A lot of the clothing in the Capitol can be quite extreme and this is more ready-to-wear, based on Katniss’ looks for the Capitol galas.”


How about the fabrics?

“There is quite a bit of leather, particularly a thin, stretch leather which I am really into right now. We did silks because the drape is really nice and they’re soft to the hand. We have some prints that work really well in silk because the colors become very vibrant. There are also spandex and microfibers in the athletic pieces like the tracksuits.”


What about the accessories in the line and how important are they to you, as a designer?

“I’m really into accessories because let you bring your own sense of style and personality to clothing. We did a bag that relates to Katniss’ quiver bag that carries her arrows. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag. We also did a belt that has a detachable small pouch on it that can carry your ID or lipstick. The pouch can be removed and clipped to the belt loops of your pants.”


I love the idea of a chic quiver bag. Can you reveal your favorite look in the collection?

“Hmmm. I’m really happy with the ‘Chariot Dress,’ which is in a laser cut leather that has a patent finish and it’s lined in nude silk. It’s cut quite striking and it relates so well to Katniss’ chariot dress. I think it will be a fan favorite.”

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