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Meet Monica Corcoran Harel, our new Editor-in-Chief

Capitol Couture is thrilled to introduce Monica Corcoran Harel as its newly named Editor-in-Chief.  Born and raised in the Capitol—though she has traveled throughout the Districts on various assignments—the award-winning fashion journalist brings her unique take on the culture of style to her native city and beyond.

“Cinna and I met in fifth grade and we bonded over our mutual adoration for vintage Givenchy. He designed a leather bustier for me to wear to prom,” says Corcoran Harel, who started out as a writer for InStyle, covering red carpet galas and profiling celebrities.  She went on to chronicle the intersection of fashion and film for Variety and currently contributes to the New York Times, Elle, Marie Claire and other publications.  Her essay for Los Angeles on why women get addicted to injectable beauty treatments was part of a recent National Magazine Award-winning package.

“Fashion is shorthand for self-expression and right now, the Capitol is the epicenter of a style revolution that’s waging throughout Panem,” says Corcoran Harel, a champion for avant-garde designers and stylists.  She often visits the Districts that produce textiles, mine precious stones and develop technology to scout new talent and glean inspiration.  “Thankfully, our city encourages its citizens to embrace the future through fashion and we intend to celebrate every thread of that fiery and gorgeous spirit.”

Already, Corcoran Harel—co-author of books The Fashion File and Living in Style with Rachel Zoe—has brought on established fashion contributors such as Vogue writer Lynn Yaeger, Fred Hayman biographer and consultant Rose Apodaca, fashion and beauty blogger Arabelle Sicardi and vintage expert Cameron Silver. She will also launch a recurring “Capitol Icon” series that salutes those who pledge allegiance to chic with their personal style.

Capitol Couture is more of a mindset than a magazine.  In addition to showcasing the amazing international designers featured in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we are breaking emerging talents and exploring style through the lens of a culture that reveres high fashion,” says Corcoran Harel. “When I meet someone with a fantastic and original look, I say, ‘You’re so Capitol!’”

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