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Coveting Copper

The sensual, reflective alloy is suddenly all the rage.


Every once in a while, a material comes into favor that triggers a shift in perspective and renders (nearly) everything else flat. Copper is having that moment now—both in the design world and in the Capitol.


A blushing confederate to brass—itself a yellow alloy of copper and zinc that is also having a resurgence in fashion and interiors—copper is the oldest metal to undergo human manipulation. Both noncorrosive and boasting antimicrobial properties, copper makes the ideal cookware. And it’s completely and eternally recyclable, without any loss of its properties. It’s no wonder that copper is once again being championed outside District 3, where it is a precious resource. Even Caeser Flickerman has a fixation for copper buttons and tie tacks.


While the pliable element is typically associated with wires because of its capacity as an electric conductor, the prosaic becomes utterly chic in the hands of established designers such as Tom Dixon—along with a new generation of promising talents such as London’s Neil Conley, New York City’s Patrick Kim and the young Seattle couples behind Ladies & Gentleman and Iacoli & McAllister.


The designers’ inspired range of applications make integrating copper into existing interiors effortless. There are storage canisters, all kinds of lamps, coffee tables, chairs, a watering can, tiles and even mirrors.


In fact, copper’s warmly seductive tones complement any interior, with a burnished richness that leaves metals such as stainless steel and chrome in the cold. This is why it’s a particularly gorgeous way to thaw an otherwise stark space. Punch up a room with something as easy to replace as cabinet pulls. Or introduce a copper vase or candleholder onto a tabletop. Even a dish heaped with shiny new pennies can do the trick.

— Rose Apodaca and Andy Griffith


Credits: Slight Chair by Assembly Design, Hurricane Lamp by Menu, Pendant Light by Plumen, Scamp Marble table by Blu Dot, Coltrane Table Lamp by Delightfull, Maru Hand Mirror by Ladies & Gentleman. (Maru Hand Mirror and other copper pieces available

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