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Sight Unseen

Capitol Couture unveils unique creative campaign for unparalleled eyewear. 


“See The Future.” Is it an advertising slogan for sunglasses or an invitation to glimpse what’s to come? We will never tell, but the avant-garde and mysterious new campaign for Capitol Couture Eyewear has everyone whispering about the potential clairvoyant power of these bold accessories.

The arresting billboards—which feature a sepia and white houndstooth motif and a male model clad in the classic pattern and mirrored shades—appeared overnight in the Capitol  and quickly caused rubbernecking.  (Non-Panem residents in Los Angeles can see the giant ads on various intersections throughout the city, including Crenshaw Boulevard & Country Club Drive. In Manhattan, the billboards are in different locations such as Centre Street & Grand Street.)  

CC can exclusively report that it’s just the start of a roll out of looks from a secret collective of forward thinking designers who hand blend engineering, technology, and the highest aesthetics to create limited edition pieces.  Focused on the future of fashion, these visionaries and renegades intend to overhaul the culture of style. 

For instance, the new solar-paneled sunglasses emit healing electrons that balance the immune system and soothe nerves.  A built-in CT scanner allows the wearer to screen the body and major organs, as well.  An inner-display inside the right lens updates with dispatches from the Capitol that inform on everything from the latest district imports to ever changing Hunger Games odds. How clever to let us track the glamorous lives of our beloved victors like Katniss and Peeta. 

Where to buy these revolutionary specs?  The limited-edition collection will surely sell out within hours of its debut. If you’re lucky, a Capitol Couture pop-up store will sprout nearby.  Stay tuned. Stay relevant. Stay chic. 

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