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Quarter Quell Calls for High Fashion

It’s time to start preparing once more for the annual Hunger Games, and year 75 means it’s a Quarter Quell celebration!  President Snow’s announcement of this year’s highly unexpected theme has the whole Capitol positively astir with anticipation.  What do the Game Makers have in store for our victor tributes?  What delectable delicacies will we be served before the Games begin?  And, above all, what will we wear to the magnificent parties?

Take a cue from Effie Trinket, District 12 Escort, who upped the ante—as if we ever thought she could look better—in this Alexander McQueen monarch butterfly adorned ensemble.  It’s just like her to grab from last year’s runway collection to stand out amid the trends of graphic prints seen at Louis Vuitton and Jonathan Saunders, Prada’s floral concoctions and Stella McCartney’s mesh fixation—all at this year’s spring/summer shows. We’re expecting everyone to pull out all the stops this year, from the arena to the City Circle.  It’s time to plan those parties and wardrobes to be bigger than ever, and show your support for our most time-honored tradition.  A few fashion suggestions from the Capitol’s most revered stylists?

·   Stand out in neon and opt for volume, with exaggerated sleeves or cocoon capes.  You can eat a dozen more French macaroons in a forgiving silhouette!

·   Invest in bold, look-at-me accessories—from colorful lightweight knit berets to sting ray clutches in electric hues—so that you can quickly transform a look for evening. Or add an accessory with each course at dinner.

·   Be on time and leave just after the party peaks. The jet set crowd knows that making a dramatic exit is much more impressive than an over-the-top entrance.

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