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Effie Trinket

Since guiding her tributes to victory, District 12’s exuberant escort Effie Trinket has quickly become an icon of the 74th Games, and a Capitol phenomenon. Effie has built her larger-than-life persona through a persevering positive attitude, and the best manners and fashion sense in the Capitol. Capitol citizens are likely to spot her trailed by snapping cameras, posing with her ever-present, ebullient smile. But what is she like when cameras aren’t rolling?  We joined her over a typical day to find out.

11:00 am: Effie meets with the designer of the dress she’ll be wearing later this evening. The creation is exquisite; a flamingo’s dream of pink ruffles. “It’s a shame I can only wear it once,” says Effie.

1:00 pm: She sits down to a sumptuous feast filled with the finest of fare and quaffs, accompanied by the most cultured conversation… and served on a mahogany table no less.

4:00 pm: We head to an exclusive unnamed salon – (we can say some of your favorites like Portia & Flavius themselves have been known to get their own ‘dos done here) - it’s time to get to work on her hair and nails.  

8:00 pm: In less than four hours’ time, Effie leaves the salon a completely different woman… But still 100% Effie.

9:00 pm: Effie arrives at this evening’s biggest event; a dinner party celebration featuring the Capitol’s most famed citizens. Heads turn as she passes. She is fashion-ecstasy personified; a fantasy in fabric. Now that she is here, the party may begin.

2:00 am: While the saturnalia continues, Effie sadly must depart. Tomorrow there will be more parties, more work to do. “When your job is being you,” says Effie, “there is never a day off.”  

Indeed, we are lucky she is so good at her job—surely without her tireless efforts, the Capitol might not have the particular pair of exquisite victors it does today. We thank Ms. Effie Trinket for her time and allowing us all to revel in her Victory Tour ensembles!  

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