It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for, citizens! The Capitol is ready to announce the winners of the District Style Challenges (and the Grand Prize Winner!), and to reward them for their dazzling creations. We’ve received entries from all over Panem in the form of stunning shoes, marvelous maquillage, Peeta’s wardrobe and Capitol finery worn by the citizens themselves. See who got our hearts racing with their sizzling designs!


Winner: Aubrielle Bullock

For the grand prize winner, the editors of Capitol Couture were looking for a style icon on par with our beloved Effie Trinket. Aubrielle Bullock took the pink-spiration and ran with it: her luxurious magenta and platinum curls are topped with a giant floral-print blossom, her makeup and body-stencilling are Capitol-worthy and her frothy pink and yellow confection prove her a master à la mode. The Capitol is raving about your winning look, Aubrielle! For your amazing effort, we award you with our grand prize – a $2,000 American Express gift card.


Winner: Rebecca Malek
Tumblr: http://finnicks-net.tumblr.com

District 4 citizen Rebecca Malek gutted the Capitol Couture editors with her beautiful shoes – sheer lace insets are embroidered and sprinkled with seaglass, and a hand-carved mermaid heel show us that D4 has oceans of style! Congratulations, Rebecca! You are the winner of District Style Challenge #1, and we are pleased to present you with a Zappo’s gift card worth $750.


Winner: No Name
Tumblr: http://chasewillow.tumblr.com

This District 1 denizen took full advantage her luxurious location for the makeup challenge. She applies 24 karat gold foil to her lips, golden scales beneath her eyes, and tops the whole thing off with shimmering brows. This citizen’s outlook is as rich as her home district! We are proud to declare you the winner of District Style Challenge #2, and to present you with a $750 gift card to MAC Cosmetics.


Winner: May Vu
Tumblr: http://godtech.tumblr.com

For Peeta’s interview with Caesar Flickerman, May Vu created a slick, charcoal grey and black suit with flaming piping – perfectly evoking the muted coal mines of D12 combined with the spark its two tributes have brought to the Games. The Capitol applaud your smouldering skills, May! You are the winner of District Style Challenge #3, and we award your efforts with a $750 gift card to Nordstrom.


Winner: Jonna Pagaduan
Tumblr: http://jonnachi.tumblr.com

The #lookyourbest challenge brought out the best in our fair citizens: for her Hunger Games viewing look, Jonna Pagaduan effortlessly captured the inherent glamour of District 3’s technology. Exposed circuitry is topped with wire-trimmed leather for a magnetic ensemble – the voltaic-stamped wedges are just the icing on the cake! Congratulations on your electrifying design, Jonna - you are the winner of District Style Challenge #4 and a $750 Nordstrom gift card!