If you haven’t satiated your thirst for all things Capitol, it’s time to gather ‘round because we’ve got exclusive interviews with all of the most fashionable fellows involved in this year’s Games. From Caesar Flickerman’s fabulous fashion tips (think alabaster pocket squares!) to what Seneca Crane does to keep his skin Games-ready (that luscious salt scrub sounds divine!). To see what makes the gentleman of the Games tick, read on!


Signature Look: Most of our moded men have one signature item that sets them a part from all Capitol imitators, and Seneca is no exception. His heavenly hirsuteness culminates in a superbly sculpted beard, the envy of stylish men everywhere.

Favorite Trend: “While I love the flourish of a polished accessory, there’s a reason for the saying, ‘Clothes make the man.’ I like to think that my sartorial sense conveys the same passion and creativity I’m bringing to the Games this year - so consider my wardrobe an exclusive preview of what you’ll see in the Arena!”

Best Dressed Woman: “I don’t think it will come as a surprise that Effie Trinket has wowed the Capitol and beyond with her baroque-chic aesthetic - from her powder-pale face to her gilded heels, she epitomizes what our glorious city is all about.”

Prep: Our newest Head Gamemaker is unmitigatedly devoted to the art of gourmet skincare, and tells us, “If you’ve never had a diamond salt scrub crafted from pure ground District 4 sea salt and District 1 gems, you haven’t lived.”

What to Expect: While Seneca absolutely refuses to share a shred of detail regarding the challenges of the 74th Annual Hunger Games, he cheekily hints that he has some fun things in store. “None of the Tributes should ever feel too comfortable,” he says with a smile.

Style Tips: “Grooming is integral in making an impression - my beard isn’t just decoration, it tells people who I am before I even enter the room. President Snow has his mane of white hair, Claudius has his teased coif - what do you want your hair to say?”

Hot for Next Year: Seneca is a huge fan of fur-soled moccasins around the house - and he thinks they’ll soon make the jump to the streets. “What could be more luxurious than walking on tangerine-tinted ocelot fur 24/7?” he asks.


Inspiration: “From the opulent jewels of District 1 to the inky smoke of District 12, I take a little something from all of Panem to create my signature style - though most of my ideas come from right here in our Capitol, where the fashion volume is turned all the way up!”

Signature Look: Flickerman’s known to completely change his look every year, right down to the eyebrow tint. For the 74th Hunger Games, he has been eschewing last year’s crimson hue for a softer powder blue — surely set to the Tributes at ease during their interviews.

Every Capitol Man should own: “A pristine, alabaster pocket square woven from genuine White Caper butterfly silk. No matter what color you’re wearing or what tint your skin is dyed, it will radiate a simple glow, sure to complement every outfit.”

Best-Dressed Citizen: “Can I vote for myself?” he laughs. “Just kidding! I’d have say it’s a tie between the terribly interesting simplicity of Cinna and the classic severity of President Snow. When is a lapel rose not in style?

Worst Fashion Memory: “Do you remember the 60th Hunger Games? The one year I didn’t wear my signature midnight blue suit? Back then draped equine silk was all the rage - I looked like I was wearing pajamas! Never again!”

Fashion Pet Peeve: While Flickerman is welcoming of most trends, the one thing that truly disappoints him are those who don’t try. “I just think there can be so much beauty in the world,” he sighs. “Why not express it on the outside?”

Favorite Tribute: “You know I can’t answer that,” he smiled coyly. “I will say that this year’s competition has been truly illuminating.”


Catch Phrase: “May the odds be ever in your favor - people quote it to me on the street all the time. Darlings, I’m not the one in the arena! But I appreciate how enthusiastic they are about my role in the Games.”

Personal Style: Claudius considers himself the Capitol’s very own Beau Brummel - a verified dandy. “Tall heels and taller hair is what I always say,” he chuckles.

Worst Dressed: “Not even a question! Those outlandish get-ups of Haymitch Abernathy! I mean, who taught that man to tie a cravat?!”

Voice Care: Claudius swears by his own concoction: a veritable brew of honey, green tea and a pinch of powdered rhinoceros horn, harvested with silk gloves from one of the rarest creatures of District 10. “It does wonders to create that booming tenor you know and love,” he swears.

Designer to Watch For: Though he admires new star Cinna’s creations, Claudius defers to his personal Stylist - whom he refuses to name. “I can’t have all of the Capitol clamoring for him or I’d never get my gold-flecked, tessellated blazer in time for the Games!”

Define the Capitol’s Style: “I really don’t know much about the dress sense of the Districts, but the Capitol style is all about an eclectic, adventurous spirit mixed with a healthy dose of madcap spunk, finished up with enough sparkle and color to put the entire rainbow out of business! Does that answer your question?”

Your Coiffure: Claudius is known across the furthest reaches of Panem for his signature hair - angelic blond curls softly teased into a cotton candy confection. “I’ll never tell,” he winks, in response to pleas for how he does it. “I’ve given up enough secrets today!”