The chic-ness of you fabulous citizens (even outside the Capitol!) continues to amaze us! The ensembles you put together for Peeta’s all-important interview with Caesar Flickerman were fantastic - and from the entries, we pulled three more sartorial savants to act as official Stylists. Click below to see how the winners are keeping Peeta on trend this Hunger Games.

In addition to having their work featured in the storied pages of Capitol Couture, winners will also receive a commemorative DIP featuring the coveted “Stylist” badge. And if your design didn’t win, don’t give up hope: we still have to announce the grand prize winners for each District Style Challenge!

Winner: Curt Welteroth

Stylist Curt Welteroth takes the conceptual, high-fashion route, using asymmetrical details and contrasting colors to create an of-the-moment outfit that speaks just as loudly as Peeta himself. Compliments from the Capitol, Curt!

Winner: Jessica Wilmart

Peeta’s rough-and-tumble leather suit is softened by velvet and silk detailing: Stylist Jessica Wilmart perfectly grasps the delicate combination of D12 and Capitol sensibilities. Brilliant work, Jessica!

Winner: Cayley Elsik

Glowing LED trim is just part of what makes Stylist Cayley Elsik’s look so amazing - she cleverly includes hints of blue, which mark the hottest part of a flame (and, of course, bring out Peeta’s stunning eyes). The Capitol salutes you, Cayley!