Congratulations, stylish citizens of Panem! We have finally reached the end of the road in choosing the three remaining official Stylists, and they are worth the wait. These three took the command “Lookyourbest” to a whole new level: the Capitol finery they wore to the Games almost took our attention away from the action in the arena! Click below to see the creativity that keeps Panem’s stylish heart beating.

In addition to having their work featured in the storied pages of Capitol Couture, winners will also receive a commemorative DIP featuring the coveted “Stylist” badge. And if your design didn’t win, don’t give up hope: we still have to announce the grand prize winners for each District Style Challenge!

Winner: Annikki Woods

Hibiscus hues are haute for the 74th Hunger Games, and Stylist Annikki Woods complements the trend with oversize blooms to up the floral ante - this Citizen truly has a rosy outlook!

Winner: Ariana Carbonaro
Tumblr: http://will-you-wont-you.tumblr.com

Stylist Ariana Carbonaro understands how to make a statement when dressing for the Games - she’s clearly rooting for D12, using golden mockingjay accents to complement her snow-white, feathered gown. The Capitol is rooting for you, Ariana!

Winner: Leticia Ann Sanidad

D1 Stylist Leticia Ann Sanidad certainly knows to take advantage of her home district: she’s created gold brocade confections festooned with ivory lace. If that isn’t the definition of luxury, the Capitol doesn’t know what is! Well done, Leticia Ann.