With a keen eye towards cutting edge trends and a willingness to break boundaries, Capitol-born style icon and District 12 Escort Effie Trinket has been a fashion pioneer since her very first Hunger Games. She has been known to take the iconic building blocks of contemporary Capitol fashion such as sleeves, hairpieces and bold colors and craft stunning looks that go on to influence all of Panem’s fashion-forward citizens. Whether she is chauffeuring her latest Tributes or walking the boulevards of the Capitol, Effie maintains an exquisite profile that demonstrates her spirit and the pride she takes in her work.

When it comes to the day-to-day, Effie likes to complement her exquisite full body polish with audacious garment selections paired with dazzling footwear such as the daring 24-Karat McQueen peep-toes she was recently spotted wearing in the City Circle. It’s no surprise Capitol designers are literally lining up to create her next pair. And who wouldn’t? When it comes to shoes, Effie’s got sole. “The higher the heel the better. I just love love love dropping by the City Circle in my perspex-heeled metallic booties!”

Aside from shoes, Effie is known for her other staple items. According to the woman herself, she never leaves home without a wig and a flower-inspired hair piece. She says,“My hair is my statement. It’s such a lovely way to let the citizens know who I am and what I stand for.” On special occasions, when she is most visible to all the Districts and more importantly, the who’s who of the Capitol, Effie is known to go with intricate eyelash modifications, bold eye shadows and customized wigs that will make every Capitol citizen immediately rethink their wig collection this season. Effie says this about her special attire: “I have a duty: to make sure my Tributes are excited and ready for the Games. If they’re not, they’ll be a terrible disappointment to watch in the Arena - and, as we know, all of Panem will be watching. So, I try to select pieces that will inspire them and improve their comportment. The lovely truth is, they aren’t savages; they simply need an example to follow.”

Who knows? Maybe Katniss Everdeen volunteered for this year’s Games just to bask in the glow of such an inspirational fashionista. After all, that girl Katniss may have charisma, but a little style never hurt anyone.